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The Gestor

What is The Gestor?

The Gestor allows you to manage your expenses, issue invoices and automate the entire tax process. The Gestor is an application for Self Employed or freelancers based in Spain to help them organize their economic activities. With The Gestor, say goodbye to filing taxes or dealing with an accountant so that you can focus on what really matters, your business.

Why does The Gestor exist?

Created by freelancers for freelancers, The Gestor is the solution that will make your life easier.

What are the tools of The Gestor?

We have created a solution that allows you to have complete control over your financial situation. You can add or take a photo from our app of all your invoices issued and received that automates the calculation of VAT to be paid quarterly / annually and the filling of all your taxes. Also, you can generate invoices from the app and send them to your customers, requesting payment for your services. You would always have a dedicated accountant who oversees all processes.

How to Get Started

What documents must I submit to The Gestor to start the pro plan?

If you filed the taxes yourself or had an accountant, send us:

Model 036 or 037

ID (front and back)

Taxes presented in the two quarters preceding the current quarter

Invoices issued

Expense registered

IBAN of the business account for tax purposes


If you are a new Self employed and this is the first time you are going to file your taxes:

ID (front and back)

Your tax address

Brief description of the professional activity

IBAN of the business account for tax purposes

Can The Gestor register me as Self-Employed?

The Gestor gives you free registration within the app.

Basic Plan

What tools are included in the basic plan?

  • Add invoices & expenses
  • Create contact profiles
  • Digitalization of docs
  • Download /upload docs
  • Link your bank account
  • Tax forecasts
  • Invoice generator
  • Receive payments
  • Storage upto 150Mb

What is the price of the Basic Plan?

The Basic Plan is free. This plan is perfect for you if you file your own taxes or if you already have an accountant.

Pro Plan

What tools are included in the Pro Plan?

  • All basic plan features
  • Transfer from your old manager
  • Preparation of tax models
  • Tax filing
  • Personal tax adviser
  • Unlimited storage

What is the price of the Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan costs 39 per month (vat included)


Until what day can I review the tax models generated by The Gestor?

The last day to review the drafts of the tax models relevant to your activity is the 15th day of the closing month of the quarter.

Will The Gestor notify me when I should review taxes?

You will receive notifications from the app and we will remind you of everything.

What models does The Gestor present for you?

The Manager presents the following models (if necessary as appropriate):

Model 111 – Quarterly personal income tax

Model 115 – Rental Withholding

Model 123 – Withholdings and payments on account

Model 130 – Payment on personal income tax

Model 180 – Annual Summary Withholdings

Model 190 – Annual IRPF Summary

Model 193 – Annual withholding summary

Model 303 – VAT Self-assessment

Model 347 – Annual return with third parties

Model 349 – Intra-community operations

Model 390 – Annual VAT Summary

Can I get the income statement?

Yes! From The Gestor you can download your income statement.

Does The Gestor help me to decide what taxes I can deduct according to my activity?

The Gestor reviews and analyzes your accounting so you know what expenses you can incorporate into your accounting books and advises you on what expenses you can deduct.


Is my data protected?

Your data is totally safe with The Gestor. Our servers store data with the security as a priority.

Is the information I enter in The Gestor confidential?

The information you share with The Gestor is confidential. The Gestor complies with the European data protection regulations. We may use your information to improve our services or if we need to help you with something. We will always let you know before.

Is it safe to add my bank account (s)?

The Gestor requests the access codes of your online banking to connect them to your account. With that information you cannot make purchases or any type of transfers. Your bank and personal data are protected. In The Gestor, you can view the movements of your account, but you could never make transfers from the app.

Is The Gestor payment system safe?

Our payment system is powered by Stripe and is completely secure and the information communicated is encrypted. It meets all the necessary requirements (PCI-DSS regulations updated and 3D Secure protocol)

Can I import data from another program?

You can incorporate in the app data in pdf, png and jpg format. In addition, you can download your accounting book in Excel format.

If I delete my account or uninstall the app, what happens to my data?

If requested, all your information will be removed from our system. You can write to