TheGestor is a cloud software for entrepreneurs, whether you are self-employed, SME or an Accounting Firm, you can manage your business from your pocket or computer in a simple and intuitive way.

TheGestor app allows you to organize your products or services, create budgets and invoices, capture expenses or receipts with a photo, connect your bank account and reconcile transactions, invite your gestor, or work team, view your taxes in real time and keep your business updated day by day.

For all entrepreneurs, as well as their collaborators, managers, or members of their team. We offer a solution for your needs, whether it is the first time you enter the entrepreneurship world or you have experience.

TheGestor plans are designed according to your needs. Try our free versions now!

All TheGestor plans include:

• Organization of products and services
• Automatic scan of bills & tickets
• Connection of your bank account and reconciliation of movements
• Real-time tax calculators and forecasts
• Download tax books and models
• Notifications
• User management for editing or review
• Generation of invoices
• Accounting settings and reports
• Document storage
• Support and maintenance

The non-payment of any of the subscriptions supposes the cancellation. Likewise, surcharges and bank commissions will be charged for bank delays or rejections.

•For monthly subscriptions: If you cancel the plan, you will be able to use the app until the end of the current month.
•For annual subscriptions: If you cancel the plan, we do not refund the lost months, you can use the app until the end of the current year.

• Verification of invoices and deductible expenses.
• Private tax advisor.
• Tax and accounting advice.
• Official presentation of documents of the forms or reports generated.
• Corrections for mistakes or omission by the user.

Yes, you can use it. But remember the documents generated will not have official validity until you have been officially registered as a self-employed, entrepreneur, or company with the corresponding government entities.

No. You must hire an Accounting Agency or Advice to do it either for you or do it yourself in the corresponding government entities.

Any of The Gestor’s plans does not include a particular manager. But, through the user management panel you can invite your manager, advisor, or members of your team to help you review, verify, or present your tax obligations.

TheGestor app can generate the following documents for you:
• Budgets and customized invoices in pdf format.
• Record books of issued and received invoices in excel format.
• Draft models 303, 130, 111, 115, 349 in pdf and txt format.
• Accounting reports.

To submit officially the documents generated by the app: you must ensure that the information you have entered is true, updated, and legible. As well as keeping the original or a copy of the invoices that you have scanned or saved through photographs. It is highly recommended that a professional accountant reviews all your documentation before officially submitted to the corresponding government entities.

Watch our tutorials or chat with us within the app on your mobile or computer to answer your questions as soon as possible. Available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time.

Contact us at clients@thegestor.com with your specific fiscal questions and we will put you in touch with a tax advisor. You can also read our blog with our latest app updates to keep your business up to top. 😉